linkmode high-fidelity guitar electronics
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Douglas Millar is listed as inventor in the following US patents. Most are also registered in other countries.
  • Cellular telephone audio input compensation system and method, US 5,852,769

  • Radio transceiver with impedance matched test port, US 5,710,984

  • System and method of measuring a battery lifetime, US 5,684,404

  • Power detector using a constant quiescent voltage divider, US 5,675,245

  • Adaptive sparse echo canceller using a sub-rate filter for active tap selection, US 5,343,522

  • Transmission error protection for TDMA digital channels, US 5,121,395

  • Echo cancellation in two-wire transmission path repeaters, US 4,782,525

  • Adaptive differential PCM system with residual-driven adaptation of predictor coefficients,
    US 4,593,398